Working with IMO and Benefits


It can be challenging for smaller insurance businesses to compete without the resources that larger companies might offer their insurance clients. Working with an IMO or FMO might be a good solution. A Field Marketing Organization is, generally, an independent contractor or firm that can sell various insurance products to insurance broker companies, helping them offer a more comprehensive selection of insurance products and services to their customers.




There are many types of these organizations to choose from, mainly based on whether you are looking at health insurance or life insurance. Two of the most common are Independent Marketing Organizations (IMO) and Field Marketing Organizations (FMO.)

Both IMO and FMO have their main functions in common: they market, sell and distribute multiple insurance products. They both have access to hundreds of insurance carriers and products and are licensed to see insurance products in many or all US states.


Benefits of Working with an IMO


Increased range of products – When a small insurance broker partners with an IMO, they gain access to hundreds of additional insurance carriers and products, helping their business offer customized or particular policies to their clients.

Resources – A good IMO will have resources available to small brokers that they might not have otherwise, including Annuity rates, index performance reports, and annuity and life insurance tools.

Services – Marketing & website creation, contracting, underwriting assistance, processing support, and policy status.

Education and product training – Agent training for available products, latest trends, access to exclusive webinars and newsletters.

Top commissions – Access to higher commissions and better sales for small brokers.

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